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Miniatures store - where childhood dreams become true

Just looking at dolls, doll's houses and everything around them makes many people nostalgic and wish they could go back to their childhood. To a time when you could play carefree with dolls. But even as an adult, this passion does not have to remain outside. Although we may no longer play with dolls, collecting dolls is a childhood dream of many. But not only dolls embellish the homes of collectors, here you can find entire dollhouses, fully furnished will delight any viewer - and collectors anyway. So that you can expand your collection, complete it or perhaps even just start, we at the Miniatures Shop offer a huge selection - almost 15,000 items are available for immediate delivery.

Miniatures Shop - everything the collector's heart desires

Let's take a look at our miniatures shop. Already in the search for suitable miniatures such as dollhouses, dolls, dollhouse furniture and dollhouse accessories. You can search directly for the respective manufacturers and not only from Germany, but worldwide. But you can also take a closer look at dollhouse sets, visit the desired style or filter your selection by theme. This includes, for example, houses, rooms, crafts, entertainment, shops, gastronomy - just browse a little through our miniatures shop, you will certainly find the right thing for you. We would particularly like to draw your attention to the "New" section, where you will always find numerous products that we have newly added to our extensive range. The "Antique" section is also worth a look, as are our special offers. You can see how diverse our miniatures shop is, let yourself be inspired!

Miniatures Shop - from 1:12 to 1:144

We offer four scales in our miniatures shop. The largest is the 1:12 scale. Detailed replicas make the collector's heart beat faster. Other scales include 1:24, 1:48 and 1:144. 1:144 is the scale at which you can fit a dollhouse into a 1:12 dollhouse. Even at this size, the details are perfectly worked out and will delight you. Have fun in our miniatures shop and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are looking for something special. We try to fulfill every one of your wishes.
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